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I'm a 30 year old mountain biker, relatively fit but haven't done any running since school where I wasn't too bad, ran 1,500m for school and indoors for county.

Decided last year to do something worthwhile and cycled the offroad coast to coast for CLIC Sargent rasing £2,600 in the process.

It felt good testing myself physically and as I battle bravely against age I've decided to join a friend in running a Marathon in May, hopefully the first of many.

Oh, and I smoke which won't help but I'm trying to quit!

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in the last day - paintedrunner > 200 situps challenge - "well done"
10 days ago - webb > london-ox - "awooga or other such athleticsy motivational words."
11 days ago - BBBri > Pressups/Situps initial test - "In essence they are just loggers for the itouch/iphone - with timers and schedules to keep you motivated. I agree - there seems to be lots of logging for this Janathon routine, but if it gets us through Jan a bit fitter then thats good news. Good look with the programme!"
12 days ago - webb > Pressups/Situps initial test - "don;t have the apps, yet... any use or do they just work like the online logger? I've lost track of all the paces i need to update after each workout, seems to take longer to do that than the actual exercise!"
12 days ago - BBBri > Pressups/Situps initial test - "Well done, are you using the itough apps. I'm on day 2 of the programme! Good luck."
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