"Kracker Klassic" 5k

Run - Race

7:46 AM - Saturday, 26 Jun 2010
3.1 miles, 0:25:21
Avg/Max Speed: 7.4 / 8.8
Avg/Min Pace: 0:08:08 / 0:06:48
Avg/Max heart rate: 177 / 184
Avg/Max power: 0 / 0
Calories: 381
Cadence: 0
Altitude up/down: 0 / 0 ft
Tbp: 10/110
Conditions: 25% Cloudy, 73F
Wind of 6 kmH
Equivalent to
1 mi0:07:36
5 km0:25:18
10 km0:52:46
Half mara1:56:25

"Kracker Klassic" 5k

Yes, that's the name. Yes, that's how they spell it... Aaahhh...the Midwest! At 25:17 , far from my best, far from my worst. I paced STRONG for the first mile (7:20 / 7:30 ish) , but faded in the middle. I managed to finish strong though, so I was happy for that.

"5k's aren't my thing." And I'm OK with that. I think that if I trained for them specifically, they could be. But I don't. And I'm OK with that.

It was a GREAT 3 mile run, at 8:14/mile...SMOKIN' my my "slow and steady" standards! The race itself was very small, but well organized and efficient. It was my 11 year old son's first 5k... He ROCKED it in 34:xx ! I even got to "run him in" the last 1/3 mile. FUN! He "left it all out there" and he can't wait to do another. I'll be anxious to see what he can do if he "trains up" a bit. He seems to have a knack for it, and always responds well to coaching / training.

With this 5k in the books, I'm looking forward to a week of "by the book" Chicago Marathon training.

"Marathons ARE my thing."


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