RunSaturday is built using:

  • Microsoft ASP .Net 3.5 using C# and Linq
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • DotNetNuke 4.9 and 5.0
  • YetAnotherForum
  • Amazon's S3 Storage
  • GoGrid's Cloud Hosting
  • The Facebook .NET Toolkit
  • Microsoft's Chart Control
  • The .Net AJAX Toolkit
  • Garmin's Communicator API (hollybar was built on the earlier Garmin Device SDK)
  • Google's Mapping - used in all sorts of ways, including via Jevan Murkoth's wrapper
  • Both JQuery and Prototype.js
  • Lots of lovely jquery plugins like colorpicker and flot - and a few non-jquery javascript plugins too
  • An ever increasing number of icons from the super famfamfam design set
  • Another increasing number of icons from the super fugue icon set
  • Lots of hard work and intelligence

Along the way I've also made use of:

  • The GIMP image editor
  • Firefox 3 including firebug and the web developer's toolbar
  • Internet Explorer and the very useful Fiddler2
  • This gorgeous sunflower-based skin from
  • Lots of hard work and intelligence :)

Thanks to everyone for all the tools and technologies!


RunSaturday is not open source - I haven't got the time to document and support it... however, if anyone's got any questions then I'm happy to talk!