What is RunningFreeOnline?

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About RunningFreeOnline

RunningFreeOnline is here to help with all your sports training.
The site is here to help you meet your goals whether they be:
  • making a new personal best time in a half marathon,
  • losing a few stone or kilos,
  • cycling further than ever before,
  • trying out a great new Kayak route,
  • enjoying a wonderful walk in the mountains.
We understand that there are a lot of different ways of tracking your sport, and lots of tools to analyse and share your data, so we've worked hard to keep RunningFreeOnline as open as possible. We promise that we'll always try to keep adding new devices and tools for input, and lots of ways of sharing or exporting your data to use elsewhere.
RunningFreeOnline is created and maintained by me, Stuart Lodge (aka hollywoof). Back in 2005 I created and built an Internet Explorer toolbar to upload and share Garmin Forerunner watch data. Over time this grew, and in January 2009 it became RunSaturday.
18 Months later, you, RunSaturday's fabulous users, had logged over 4.5 Million kilometres of activities, and there were now over 7,000 RunSaturday people from over 70 countries. To allow us to keep adding even more features to the site and to allow us to cope with the growing server and bandwidth costs, in July 2010 RunSaturday teamed up with RunningFree magazine, a independently operated and freely distributed UK monthly running magazine - so in July 2010, after talking with our users, we became RunningFreeOnline.
If you'd like to know more, share an idea, or just meet up for a run or a coffee, then contact me at me@runsaturday.com