Sorry - it's time to say Goodbye


I’m sorry to say that after almost 8 years it’s time for runsaturday to close L

There are lots of reasons for closing: including hackers, spammers, costs, and time.

I’ve made loads of friends and had lots of fun on this site. I’m sorry it’s now ending L

So… I’m really sorry, but this site will close on 15th December 2016 – so please make sure you find a new hom and copy your data across there before then.

But I don’t want anyone to lose their previous training data…. So what can you do?

Well… there are a couple of ways you can download the raw data from runsaturday – in Garmin’s TCX format or in a custom JSON format:

-        You can download TCX files per year for your account by logging in and then using:

o   2005 -

o   2006 -

o   2007 -

o   2008 -

o   2009 -

o   2010 -

o   2011 -

o   2012 -

o   2013 -

o   2014 -

o   2015 -

o   2016 -    

-        If these files are too big (too slow to download, then you can work on smaller amounts – by adding the quarter to each line – e.g. &quarter=0 for Jan through Mar, &quarter=1 for Apr through Jun, &quarter=2 for Jul through Sept or &quarter=3 for Oct through Dec. So for the parts of 2015 you can use:






Once you have these files, you can then upload these TCX files to sites including Garmin Connect or to Strava.

Personally, I recommend going through Garmin first – you can then share to Strava afterwards using Strava’s tools, or using tools like Tapiriik (see links on


To upload TCX files to Garmin Connect, login to your Garmin Account, then go to and choose Manual Sync – once there you can choose the files for upload.


To upload to Strava first note that Strava will only accept activities with GPS points – they don’t accept manually entered activites through TCX L

If this is OK for you, then you can upload files by:


If the TCX files don’t contain enough for you (e.g. they don’t contain the text descriptions), then you can get “Json” or XML files from the www addresses on

These “Json” files contain all the raw data in a custom RunSat format… they are not accepted by any other site yet… but they can be used if you have some software coding skills… If anyone wants this, I do have some example code for an app I tried to write to upload to strava – email me if you want it J

Sorry, but this site will close on 15th December 2016 – so please download any data you need before then.

If you need help with any of this please email me on – I’m watching this address to try to help.

Thanks for all your friendship, support and banter during the last 7 years! Hopefully I’ll see you all somewhere for a run, swim or cycle soon J